Why Golf in Alta Badia: Looking for a Place in the Field


Why Golf and why Golf in Alta Badia.

People who stand in golf’s way told it is not a sport actually…And they’re probably right.

Golf is not simply a sport, it’s a philosophy of life, it’s a style, a way of being,  inside and outside the field.

The golfer is not only one person who knows how to do a swing and who attends the most exclusive clubs.
Being a golfer is above all a state of mind, a philosophy of life which shall include compliance towards amazing principles.

Golf is a game of courtesy, respect, attention and morality.
The inner features live in the real player not only during a game, but also in the daily life.

A good golfer is a person who:
• Respects the rules of play and behavior; takes care of the field and respects the efforts  made to keep it properly.
• Accepts the challenge…

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