Things to Do in the Dolomites

The Adventure Ubers

  • What are the Dolomites?

The dolomites are a part of the Alps mountain range, located in the northeast corner of Italy. Beginning at the Italian/Austrian border and spanning for 80km (50 miles) to the town of Bolzano, the dolomites are sometimes called the “pale mountains” due to their unique color. They are composed primarily of limestone, creating very unique and beautiful rock formations. The dolomites consume an area of 141,640ha (350,000 acres) and have 18 primary peaks. Dolomitic lime is mined from these mountains and is used in agriculture to raise the pH of the soil. In WWI, the military created many trails, tunnels, and bunkers in the dolomitic portion of the Alps, which are now used as hiking trails. The dolomites are arguably the most beautiful mountain formations in the world and attract millions of visitors because of their beauty and abundance of recreational opportunities. With the snow in…

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